ZIP-2000 Information Technology Trading
and Service Limited Liability Company.

Tel.: (+36) 20 239 1316
Hungary, 1093 Budapest
Lónyay str. 7.



ZIP-2000 IT TRADING AND SERVICE LTD has been founded in 1997.

It’s owner is a Hungarian individual. Our company’s main activity is IT software development and the sale of the developed technologies’ licences. Our goal is to assist the work of those organizations, institutions with our applications which need customized IT support in process management and the provision of executive information.

The main strengths of our software:

  • suits the unique and dynamically changing needs of large organisations,
  • able to serve thousands of users at the same time,
  • features up-to-date technological solutions,
  • unique process management, administration and statistics technologies.

Our solutions are based on the extensive experience spanning over ten years of IT development and the operation of IT systems for the government and public administration. Among our applications applied in public administration, grant management and monitoring IT systems stand out. Our implemented solutions are dominant in the market of application management systems.

In this segment, our Unified Monitoring Information System (EMIR) is of outstanding importance even on the level of the national economy. EMIR was commissioned by the Hungarian Government and has been developed for nine years continuously. It supports the management and monitoring of almost 37 billion EUR development grants provided by the Structural and Cohesion Funds of the European Union. EMIR has supported and continues to support the management and monitoring of the first Széchenyi Plan and the New Széchenyi Plan applications as well.

Our latest system, the Development Policy Database and Information System (FAIR) provides unified IT assistance for the Hungarian development policy grants of the period beginning in 2014. As a part of FAIR, the National Project Management System (NPR) has been implemented for the Ministry of National Development.

Social responsibility

It is important for us, that the operating profit would not only be utilized by the owner, but the company should be involved in serious, socially useful projects. Our most important activities are the support of Dóri and Tábitha Children Hospice Houses in Pécs and in Törökbálint, respectively.


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